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BARC Developmental Services offers an exciting, hands on opportunity to learn more about the Human Services, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Early Intervention fields. We will work with you to design the program that will meet your goals and objectives.

For more information about the internship possibilities BARC Developmental Services has for you, contact Chris Bennett at 1-888-225-6755 extension 375 or Submit your information by clicking on Contact Us Here. Be sure to mention that you are looking for information on BARC Developmental Services’ internship opportunities.

Work with adults with developmental disabilities teaching job skills in one of our workshops or a community employment setting in our Vocational Services Department.

Support adults with developmental disabilities in achieving a more independent lifestyle and active community involvement in our Residential Services Department.

You may choose to work within more than one department during your time with BARC Developmental Services or specialize in one specific area. BARC Developmental Services will tailor the internship to meet your educational and professional goals.